Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Bitcoin payments are simple, safe and cheap.

What You Need To Know Before Choosing Bitcoin

What Makes Bitcoin Popular

  • The biggest issue for most traders is inflation because currency losers some purchasing power when the Reserve Bank prints more currency. Bitcoin has a limited minting system therefore it hardly impacts on inflation.
  • Because bitcoin is not regulated by any government it does not fluctuate depending on government trade policies, which leads to inflation and even collapses of the currency.
  • Bitcoin payments are simple, safe and cheap.
  • Bitcoins worth millions of Rands are easy to carry on a memory stick, which cannot be done with cash.
  • Risk of seizure of bitcoins is nil as it is not regulated by any government.

 Choosing a Bitcoin Broker  

Bitcoin brokers provide a simple platform for online trading. However before you choose a broker we suggest the following :
  • Always look for a platform that is simple to use, straightforward and offers technical and analytical tools to improve your trading encounter. Investing in Bitcoin using brokers is a smart move, as it allows non-stop trading, leverage and has the protection of regulators. If you want to buy bitcoin but don’t know how, using a broker is a good way to start.
  • It is important to use a broker who is regulated. Although this may slow down your trading, it is the safest way to trade. Regulators assure the stability of the trading platforms and online brokers.  Regulators also ask brokers to validate the sources of the funds.
  • Like any financial market, the bitcoin industry is  unexpected so when you come to a decision you naturally would want to act on it immediately. When you want to act you expect good customer service. Having open communication channels like e-mail, phone, skype is imperative when choosing the best trading platforms.
  • After you have decided on a bitcoin trading platform, you should review the trade-able assets the different platforms have to offer. Always choose the trading platform that offers to trade with the assets that you prefer.
  • A good broker will offer you a variety of account types or some element of customization. If your broker offers you competitive spreads and easy deposits and withdrawals it is a good indicator that he can be trusted.
  • A reputable broker should be able to offer you a variety of currency pairs, as well as the quantity. The more pairs and the bigger the quantity the better.

What You Need to Know Before Choosing Bitcoin Mining Hardware

What You Need to Know Before Choosing Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

With internet forums and twitter accounts devoted to cryptocurrency

Millennials have understandably taken to cryptocurrency due to them being the most tech savvy, low cost for entry and you don’t have to pay a lot of fees. Whereas in the past people had pensions and invested in mutual funds, this new generation are becoming accustomed to owning digital assets as the most rational means of investing their money. Majority of the millennials are skeptical about the political and economic upheaval around the world. The new world view on investment is “they don’t like the idea of money just sitting in a savings account, with the way inflation works and how low interest rates are, they feel that they are losing money.”

The Millenials View on Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin Mining Hardware

With internet forums and twitter accounts devoted to cryptocurrency speculators view digital coins as a lottery ticket, with excitement. People are eager to buy bitcoin based on even a slim chance that a $100 investment may someday reap close to a $1 million, as happened with an investment of that amount in Bitcoin in 2010, it is too enticing to pass up.
There are many people catching onto the idea of crypto-currency, even those that are not millenials, this is what they are now saying “digital currencies, which carries the stigma of black-market money laundering, have disrupted the internet and created major opportunity for those willing to jump in early.” At first it was an internet of information, which evolved into that of things like social media, now it’s the internet of value. Cryptocurrency no longer lies in the domain of the dark ages with people who believed in anarchy, it is now in the domain of the everyday user.
However, there are still some barriers to mass popularity. Investors still need to be familiar with and trust the internet to send money through cryptocurrency exchange, such as Coinbase or Poloniex. Some exchanges have elaborate or slow identity verification processes and certain countries do not permit users to invest in them yet. But it’s continually getting easier, and some exchanges allow credit cards for speedy purchases.
Besides its potential long term financial rewards, many holders of cryptocurrency view it as a vehicle for social change. The financial gain is fun, but it’s really about improving the financial system, transparency, and cost increased speed